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I’m pretty sure I’ve built and rebuilt this site at least 10 times. NOW I’m finally ready to launch. Welcome to my post, creatures! Welcome to my site–welcome to all the Things That Make You Go…AHHH!

The internet is full of memes and gifs–catch phrases–all types of quick ways to express exactly how you feel at any given moment. Without ever saying one word, you creatures are able to communicate with each other. It’s progressive, some say, but I think we’re taking a few steps back (think cave-wall, hand prints, ooga-booga). At any rate, I want in!

When I was a kid, about 11 or 12, my friend Lauren D. and I would giggle in the back of our classroom, trading stick figure drawings of hilarious funny (it was funny to us) comics of random AHHH! moments. What annoyed me at 12 (fat little kids asking for piggy-back rides) hardly annoys me at 28. Wait. That’s a lie; chubby children are still pretty irritating. As I’ve grown, so have the things that get under my skin (i.e. calling customer service and needing a translator, a blind date showing up drunk, or when your coworker stands 2″ away from you when talking *gag*). However, my childish doodling and snickering-behind-my-hands has yet to mature. What do you want me to say? I’m sorry, buuuuut I’m not sorry!

If I acted my age, I wouldn’t be able to bring you this. I wouldn’t have a creative outlet for my anger. I wouldn’t know how to connect with every other person on earth who’s ever gone through anything ever! Instead, I would be forced to leer at strangers in public, or give people the finger behind the safety of my windshield. Okay, I still do that, but you get my point!

Things That Make You Go…AHHH! is a comic of random AHHH! moments. Some may be funny, some are easy to relate to, some may be downright disturbing. Whatever the case–they’re here to stay.


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