Did you know irregardless is now a word? How about conversate? Administrate? UGH! Seriously, nothing is more annoying than listening to someone express themselves with words that don’t exist.
Has it gotten so bad that we’ve been forced to add these made-up words to the English dictionary, just because you creatures are too obtuse (not like the trangle) to bone up on your vocabulary? Apparently, it has!
Irregardless if these fake-turned-real words are now ‘official’ nonstandard additions to the English language, I still give a mean side-eye to anyone who uses them while trying to conduct a serious conversation.
I don’t mind slang; if bruh is twerking ‘cuz his eyebrows on fleek, then so be it. Lort. However, while in a corporate meeting discussing an upcoming conference, we should not spend a lot of time conversating about the estimated number of participators or I will get flustrated. AHHH!



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