When Men Defend Kim K.

While browsing the internets earlier this week, I noticed a post about the infamous Kim K. Le sigh. There’s been a picture circulating of her in a fetching black body suit with intricate cut-out detail about the arms and back(Why yes, we can talk fashion dahling!).
The pic became popular not because she looked amazing (she looked nice, or whatever), but because of a cool little trick. Someone discovered that by changing your cell phone’s display settings to invert colors shows a clear outline of shape-wear on Kim Kardashian’s notoriously enhanced rump. *cough*
Anywho, while scrolling through the comments of one particular reposting (of aforementioned image) I noticed a man vehemently (that’s that SAT vocab for ya) criticizing any woman who dared giggle at the exposed girdle.
Come on… nobody is perfect. I repeat, no BODY is perfect! Who cares if Kim K. had on a girdle, or shape-wear, or whatever? So do half the women in Hollywood and more than half the women in America. There aren’t many women who are naturally built like a supermodel (not even supermodels). Not every woman has the perfect rack, or flat tummy, the most flattering hips and buttocks… but with science and–to a cheaper extent– fashion, women everywhere are able to achieve the illusion of perfection.
Whether or not Kim Kardashian had on a girdle, butt pad, shape-wear, or butt lifter is between her and whoever wrestled her into that get-up. However, I find it laughable–like I literally laughed for a good twelve seconds–whenever any man defends this plastic Frankenstein. She’s the prototype, she’s perfect, she’s gorgeous. Well yes, she is very beautiful, there’s no denying that, but what woman wouldn’t be if she was a manufactured dream? I digress. This comic isn’t about Kim Kardashian or what she chooses to adorn her ass with. It’s about all the men who think every woman lives to hate Kim K. or wants to be her. Oh please. I went to college. AHHH!

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