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Have you ever had someone step on your brand new shoes? Sniffle every five seconds versus go and blow their nose? Not hold the door open for you when you’re running to catch up? Bring their crying baby to what is clearly an R Rated film? Come on… I know you have. Everyone has been through one annoying experience after another. So why not share??
Here’s my annoying tale. Each morning I head to work between 6:00-6:30 (don’t even ask because I promise it is inhumane to make people go to work before chickens). This particular morning, there was one extremely eager, or irate I couldn’t tell) driver who attempted to force me to make a right turn into traffic before I was ready. He even went so far as to try and turn ahead of me.

Anyhow, after I turned, he sped after me (only to be held at the next red light which was about 100 yards away, he pulled beside and made some threatening faces. I’m assuming they were threatening, I just saw a silhouette of a beard, skull cap and angry pointing. Remember, it’s 6:00 am, nothing is up–not even the sun. So I decided to just hang back. THIS GUY then decides to get over in front of me and slam his brakes as if to make me rear end him. The story goes on from there, but it delves more into aggressive driving/borderline harassment that led me to take his license tag down (only to discover he lives in my neighborhood, yikes) but I won’t get into that.

Point is, I was freaking P.O.’d by the time I rolled into work. I’m sure the security guards were afraid to greet me as I barreled through the door, red in the cheeks, grinding my teeth, hair flailing behind me, seconds away from screaming, “AHHH!” And I know, we have all been “there.”
So. *coughs* If you have any outrageous AHHH! moments to tell, do not think twice about it. Send it in! 9 times out of 10, I double over my desk laughing, reading your submission with a sense of familiarity. Sigh, I can almost feel the blood boiling in my veins now. There’s a very likely chance that I will illustrate and post you moment in a comic and yes, I will totally credit you for it. Does this mean I’m running out of ideas and milking you for content? Perhaps. Then again, I probably just love you guys sooooo much that I’m here for you…and all your complaints. Stay Feisty!

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